With the food intolerance test results you are getting possibility to be active part of your health. 

Food intolerance can be the reason of your digestive problems, chronic inflammation, allergy, eczema, depression, debilitation or other unpleasant lingering problems.

The solution of your health problems of which you are clueless, could be so simple.

The proper setup of anti-inflammation diet get you rid of problems and returns you back to your active life. It will help you to establish order in your body and solves your problems which destroying your health, beauty and psychical stability. On top of that is great as a prevention of civilization diseases. 

Testy potravinové intolerance Pro Immun M

Food intolerance tests are basic stone of nutrition therapy due to the fact, that test results prove your intolerance for individual foods. This does mean that you should avoid some food for limited time and food which you can eat without any limitations.

With avoidance of inflamed foods you enable consolidate and stabilize all body functions and return back to your form and psychical balance.

Health diseases often relates to the inflammation

Headaches, fatigue, watery and leachy eyes, hay fever, asthma, repeated colds, tonsillitis, otitis, runny nose, sinusitis, rash, neudermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory joints,  ulcers, digestive problems (flatulence, a feeling of fullness, distended abdomen, loose stools).

Choose your option which fits you best

Pro Immun M test potravinové alergie

I am using very sensitive food inflammation intolerance tests PRO IMMUN M, which goes on the princip of Cellsymbiosistherapy of unique concept MUDr Heinrich Kremer.



Complex food intolerance test (270 foods)

Complex test Pro Immun M offers findings of organism immunity reaction for 270 foods. It is maximal possible scale of foods and complete documentation. This is the best option for nutrition therapy and offers more variants for food avoidance. Due to this fact it is possible to setup full and colourful diet plan. The results enables most effective and easy way to get your target fulfil.



Standard food intolerance test (181 foods)

Standard test Pro Immun reveal presence of immunity reaction for 181 foods typical for central European and Mediterranean kitchen. The amount of tested foods is sufficient for setup full diet plan with respect of anti-inflammation diet. It needs to take into account, that all foods which are not tested in this test is necessary avoid for the time of therapy. This test could be less comfortable than the complex test.



Basic food intolerance test  (91 foods)

Basic test Pro Immun reveal presence of immunity reaction for 91 foods central European kitchen. In respect of the food scale is more suitable for children, whose has no colourful menu or for control testing.  The basic test is not sufficient as a basic for nutrition therapy of adult person. From the therapeutic point of view is apart the tested food avoid also non tested foods. The diet plan of such small amount of foods wouldn’t be colourful. The result of basic plan therefore doesn’t include individual nutrition recommendation neither rotation plan.



Control food intolerance test (44 foods)

Basic test Pro Immun reveal presence of immunity reaction for 44 foods. The test is mainly used for controlling of organism stabilization when the therapy is finished. It is the basic test used mainly for therapist needs. The result of basic plan therefore doesn’t include individual nutrition recommendation neither rotation plan.



It is scientifically proven, that cause of every disease is inflammation. The inflammation is behind each of diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, migraines, psoriasis….but even for minor health problems such as common headaches, indigestion, nausea, fatigue, depression…. Generally cause of all diseases is always inflammation.

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Just imagine, that you have classic immediate allergy for an apple as example. At the moment you bite the apple your immunity system gets activated and trying eliminate the apple allergen (food ingredient) eliminate. The nature of whole process is inflammation and symptoms are visible immediately. At the time of less aggressive symptoms could be rash on place. As more aggressive reaction the symptoms are more serious. It is allergic reaction type I. , mediated IgE immunoglobulin.

You will get realized of this reaction immediately, you are sure what cause of it and you will automatically avoid this food. The only fool person will eat something, apple at this example, if has allergic reaction.


Be careful, similar destructive processes, in reaction of specific food, are potentially appearing in your body on daily basis and you don’t know about it.

In this case we are speaking about delayed allergic reaction type III mediated by immunoglobulin IgG, which we call simply food intolerance.


Take our attention back to the apple. After the apple consummation you will not notice anything, but the immunity system start to react with some time delay same as in first case, it means with inflammation. The immunity system starts secrete histamine, joints edema, irritation, and disrupting the integrity of the intestinal mucosa. This is actually the hysterical reaction of the immune system to substance that our body is not really dangerous but it is mistakenly identified as a threat.

Intolerance can “grow”

The only few people could realize, that allergic reactions to foods, can be grow by himself due to the consuming of unilateral diet. As far as our diet isn’t varied and we are eating regularly several times a week, or even on daily basis, the same food, then the allergies becomes an issue.




The food intolerance test Pro Immun M assesses our immunity reaction in respect of individual foods. This test can detect unwanted body’s response to the 90, 180, 270 kinds of food. Test evaluates the immune reaction type III – mediated IgG immunoglobulins. These reactions occur after 4 – 72 hours at the earliest. It is very difficult, or even impossible for the person himself connect abnormalities in the body with a specific food.




It is the exact laboratory analysis of your own blood sample. The sample processed and evaluated by experts in the German laboratory and you will get results with the current status of your organism with a specific tailor – prepared diet plan. These results are unambiguous, unquestionable, and through them attain the desired results.                                                                           

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Avoiding foods of that your body reacts negatively, you make sure the optimal functioning of whole organism. This means that you prevent  repeating  emergence of body inflammation, intestinal mucosa starts to regenerate, the immune systems stabilizes, your energy started with self healing process and naturally gets your own weight. Everything, just starts working again, as it should.

Repeated consummation of foods, that our body reacts intolerantly, causing irritation of intestinal mucosa, intestinal microflora dysbiosis, and consequent development of inflammatory lesions.  This chronical inflammation  plays the major role of civilization diseases  development and this is scientifically proved fact. Inflammatory processes take place in the body often several years or even decades without be aware of them and it later could lead to serious degenerative diseases.



The main objective  of intolerance test is to detect food intolerance specific foods that the body of the client could be  responsible  of the formation and spread of chronic inflammation processes. The organism , after their omission gets place for relaxing and stabilization of all functions. Physical energy and the immune system are not  burdened with  disposal of harmful foods.

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Anti-inflammatory diet set on test result basis   is the foundation of nutritional therapy for me. In most cases doesn’t make sense to work on any healthy diet and lifestyle if you supply body with inflamed food. In other wording: “doesn’t make sense to extinguish a burning forest with a water if you later add gasoline into”.

Doesn’t make sense to extinguish a burning forest with a water if you later add gasoline into.