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“If you want to reduce your weight easy and healthy and once forever”.

“It is simply and I decided, that reveal you how to do it! I let you know more soon…”


During my studies in Germany, USA and Sri Lanka I get to know with natural healing methods. I am leading my nutrition therapy in the Prague downtown based on these healing methods.

My last 20 years experiences in fields nutrition therapy, medicine, physiotherapy, psychology and mental and personal couching, giving me possibility holistic view into healthiness and health problems of my clients.

Nutrition therapy and nutritional consultation for everybody.


Veselé maminky a zdravé děti

“Mothertime” is the most beautiful and interesting time of life. Enjoy it with happiness without fatigue and concern.

100% POWER

Vyčerpání z práce a sportovní výkon

Full working power (mental or physical) doesn’t need lead to burn out and total exhausting.


Spokojená a krásná žena

Every woman earns to feel beautiful, vital, balanced and happy. It is enough just to afford yourself the correct care.

MY TRUMPS – nutrition therapist service

Three basic stones of my nutrition therapy based on Cellsymbiosistherpaie concept.

Celostní nutriční poradenství

Holistic nutrition therapy

You will get instruction for optimal diet with respect of your actual health condition, your requirements and your life situation. It is not only about nutrients quantity and calories quantity in your diet. I am focusing more on digestive system, microbiome balance and mitochondrial function.

Testy potravinové intolerance

Food intolerance tests

Food intolerance tests finds your immunity reaction for individual foods. Tests results are directly from your blood sample evaluated in German laboratory. Anti-inflammation diet setup based on the food intolerance test result ensures the optimal whole organism functionality.

Přírodní doplňky stravy MitoLife

Natural food supplements

Natural food supplements from German producer TISSO are produced on mitochondrial medicine bases and actively support Cellsymbiosistherapy concept from MUDr. Heinrich Kremera. Unique and original receipt ensures better organism functionality, without any undesirable effects.